1 Corinthians 2: 25 - 40

Three Reasons to Talk About Singleness in a Series on Marriage

  1. You may be single
  2. Put marriage in its proper context
  3. To bridge the single/married divide

• “Now concerning the matters about which you wrote…”
• Outline of Chapter 7

  • “To the unmarried and the widows" (vv. 8-9)
  • “To the married” (vv. 10-11)
  • “To the rest” (vv. 12-16)
  • General Principles (vv. 17-23)
  • “The betrothed” (vv. 25-38)
  • Widows (vv. 39-40)

7 Principles for Singleness

  1. Both singleness and marriage are good gifts from God
  2. Those who really want to get married, should try
  3. See your current station in life as a Calling from God
  4. It’s ok to change your status
  5. Marriage is hard
  6. Marriage is momentary
  7. Prioritize your relationship with the Lord

• Seeing singleness (or marriage) as a curse
• Married people looking down and judging those who are single
• To use singleness as an excuse for sexual immorality
• To be discontent with where God has placed you and to question his sovereign goodness
• Stubbornly resisting marriage as an infringement on your freedom or having standards that are unreasonable.
• Thinking marriage is easy
• Investing too much hope in marriage
• Prioritizing your marriage over Christ instead of putting Christ at the center

Reflection Questions

  1. Before today’s session, what were your thoughts on singleness?
  2. What are the greatest challenges of being single? What are the greatest blessings?
  3. Is there a married/single divide in our church? In what ways can that be bridged?
  4. How does this session provide perspective on marriage?
  5. How can a marrieds and singles person be divided in their interests? How can they give undivided devotion to the Lord?
  6. As a result of 1 Cor 7, what can you resolve to change in you life?

Apr. 11, 2020