Obedience to Jesus’ Commands


Matthew 28: 20a

I. Teaching

  1. Teach the commands of Christ
  2. Teach them to obey the commands of Christ

II. Reproof

  1. Error: Obedience is optional
  2. Error: Obedience is merely external
  3. Error: Obedience is burdensome

III. Correction

  1. If you are struggling with obedience, see that as a good thing
  2. You need to know the nature of the battle for obedience
  3. What must you do to change your desires?
  4. When the power of sin and the flesh is too much to overcome, run to Christ

IV. Training in Righteousness

  1. Resolve to delight in Christ
  2. Resolve to learn the commands of Christ
  3. Resolve to obey the commands of Christ
  4. Resolve to teach disciples to obey the commands of Jesus Christ

Jul. 21, 2019