More Joy in My Heart


Psalm 4


  • Opening: Come to God Boldly
    • Because of God’s righteousness
    • Because of God’s track record
  • Shame
    • Take your thoughts off of the opinions of man…
    • And look to the opinion of God…
  • Anger
    • Be angry
    • And do not sin
    • Think
    • Sleep
    • Keep Quiet
    • Repent
    • Obey
    • Trust
  • Depression
    • You vs. they
    • Heart vs. Grain and Wine
    • Where is true joy found?


  • Wrong ways we deal with shame
  • Wrong ways we deal with anger
  • Wrong ways we deal with depression


  • How do you get this joy in our heart?

Training in Righteousness

  • Resolve to trade this world for Christ
  • Resolve to meditate on Psalm 4

Reflection Questions:

  1. When you face struggles, who is the first person you go to? What about God?
  2. How has God’s righteousness, faithfulness, and graciousness made a difference in going to him in prayer?
  3. How do people naturally respond to shame? What is the godly response?
  4. How do people naturally deal with anger? How would God have you deal with it?
  5. How do people naturally wealth with depression? What resources do Christians have in dealing with it?
  6. How does God give you joy in your heart that is greater than all the world has to offer?

Mar. 08, 2020