Living out a Living Hope (Part 2) – Holiness


1 Peter 1: 14 - 16


  • First, holiness begins with identity
  • Second, holiness it is an attitude of obedience
  • Third, holiness means resisting passions
  • Fourth, holiness is a calling
  • Fifth, holiness means being like God
  • Sixth, holiness is a way of life
  • Seventh, holiness is biblical


  • First, do you humble yourself before God and recognize your are helpless without him?
  • Second, do you listen for God, and listen to God?
  • Third, are you different from the world?
  • Fourth, what would you say is your calling in life?
  • Fifth, do you tremble at the holiness of God?
  • Sixth, does this show up in your everyday life?
  • Seventh, what is the Bible to you?


  • How can anyone enter the presence of a holy God?
  • God doesn’t call those who are already holy
  • The greatest gift of the Holy Spirit

Training in Righteousness

  • Resolve to make holiness your primary calling in life
  • Resolve to meditate on the 7 dimensions of holiness in 1 Peter 1:14-16 every day this week
  • Resolve read The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul
  • Resolve to read your bible more than anything else
  • Rejoice in Jesus Christ who is our holiness

Reflection Questions:

  1. Teaching: What does today's passage say? What does it teach us to believe?
    Is there something you still do not understand?
  2. Reproof: How does this text reprove sin in your life?
  3. Correction: How does it correct you and lead you to glory in Christ?
  4. Training in Righteousness: What can you resolve to change in your
    life as a result of today’s Scripture?

Apr. 05, 2020