Five Practices of a Biblical Church – #2 Fellowship


Acts 2: 42 - 47

- What is fellowship?
- Five Essential Element of Biblical Fellowship
1. Faith
2. Unity
3. Sacrificial generosity
4. Lots of time
5. Worship

- Fellowship that is based on common interest rather than our common Savior
- Division and disunity in the body
- Stinginess with your possessions, your home, and your time
- Wasting time together doing meaningless, worldly activities instead of worshipping together in Christ

- Let your inadequacy in your fellowship with one another, be cause to glory in the perfection of your fellowship with God in Christ Jesus

Training in Righteousness
- How is our church doing in fellowship as a whole as biblically defined?
- If you see a weakness in our church…by God’s grace be part of the solution, not the problem

Jan. 12, 2020