Five Practices of a Biblical Church: #1 Apostle’s Teaching


Acts 2: 42 - 47

- Devoted Themselves
- Apostles' Teaching
- What is an apostle?
- What was their teaching?
- Prophetic
- Personal
- Practical
- Powerful

- Distorting the Apostles' Teaching

- Apostles' Teaching Centers on Christ

Training in Righteousness
- Repent of sinful neglect of Christ
- Repent of re-crucifying Christ by your sin
- Resolve to be in awe at the glory of Christ
- Resolve to talk more about Christ than self
- Resolve to study God’s word like a Berean
- Resolve to meditate on God’s word day and night
- Resolve to obey God’s word like a wise builder

Jan. 05, 2020